Morgan-Beth Crockford

I am a 16 year old Dressage Rider, I have ridden up to National level, I own two horses, Crumpwell Uriel (Hunter) and Arthen Mellten (Sam). This year I hope to compete Hunter at the British Riding Clubs National Championships at Keysoe on the 2nd April. I have also qualified to represent Burford School at a Regional Dressage Championship as part of a school team. I am also a member of a Team Quest Team which we hope will reach the National Championships where I would like to compete in both MyQuest and Team Quest. My other aims are to complete an Elementary Dressage Test by the end of the year as well as compete at the British Dressage Petplan Championships and also the British Dressage Native  Championships, I also hope to compete in Dressage to Music with BD as well.

Hunter is a 6 year old Welsh Sec D Part Bred, he has been broken in for ten months and I have owned him for eight months, he is currently working at Prelim Level and I hope to complete a Novice Dressage test by the end of March.He has competed at The British Riding Clubs National Championships at Lincoln where he was placed 9th and 11th individually and 6th and 8th as part of a team, this was his first ever major competition, he has competed at the British Dressage National Championships in MyQuest at Introductory Level, he came 3rd and took a podium position.

Sam is a Welsh Sec C, I have owned him for eight years and I  have produced him from a four year old. He competes in Dressage and Showing  at Novice level and I hope to complete an Elementary with him by June. He has also qualified for Trailblazers Showing and I hoping to qualify him for the Sunshine Tour this year. His achievements have been National Dressage to Music Champion 2013, competing at two National Championships and also competing Nationally l within Showing.

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